1 Made for Holy Week 2020 in the Nieuwe Kerk Groningen.

2 Experiment with video as a liturgical element in a church service.

Video series (2020)
~ Ondersteboven

2020 was the year churches went fully digital. Holy Week, the center of the liturgical year, arrived quickly after the beginning of a lockdown and had to be celebrated online. The Nieuwe Kerk in Groningen asked me if I wanted to contribute to their services by making a video for every service during Holy Week. These video’s are the result of three weeks of intense looking, feeling, listening, thinking, filming and editing. 

Palm Sunday is about animals and stones celebrating, because the humans are stuck at home.

Maundy Thursday is about dirty feet and how to wash them, before sharing food with unexpected strangers. 

Good Friday is about the unability to make music together, about violence and abrupt endings.

Silent Saturday is both silent and not so silent. 

Easter is about recapitulating. The old becomes new.